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Pastor Derrick S. Carpenter


      Pastor Derrick; husband, father, minister of the Gospel, community servant, humanitarian, and spiritual educator describe some of the talents and assignments of Pastor Derrick Carpenter Sr. God has greatly blessed and anointed him and his lovely wife Pastor Lauren Denise Carpenter.


     Pastor Derrick is the President of Indy Youth Ministries Inc., a ministry that was founded by him and Pastor Denise over 25 years ago where they work with at-risk children redirecting their lives away from delinquent and illicit behavior.  In 1984 Pastor Derrick became a member of Guiding Light MBC ​under the pastorate of Pastor Clifton Russell. 

     He was ordained a deacon in December 1986 and accepted his call into the ministry in December 1991.  Pastor Derrick was then ordained as a minister of the gospel by Pastor Clifton Russell in August 1995.  He walked closely with Pastor Russell for over 25 years along with his other preaching brethren.  Pastor Derrick made the transition in 1991 when Pastor Russell was directed by God to move the church location to 2291 E. 24th St. and change the name of the church to Gabriel MBC. 


     Through the years Pastor Derrick served faithfully at Gabriel MBC as a Deacon, Sunday School & Bible Study Teacher, Sunday School Superintendent, Minister of the Gospel, Official Board Member of the Church, Intercessor & Prayer Warrior, Christian Education & Evangelism Director, Missionary & Outreach Ministry, Youth Leader, Janitor, Bus Driver, Marriage Counselor and Armour Bearer to Pastor Russell where gave spiritual & physical support to him and his family. Pastor Derrick also served as Youth Pastor at Immanuel House of Prayer for 3 years.

     Pastor Derrick Carpenter is not just a mentor and Godly example for his family and church, but the community at large where he mentors young men in his church, Indy Youth Ministries and New Generation of Praise, formerly known as The Jesus Gang. These young people call him Dad and don't hesitate to call him when they need guidance, prayer, and direction. Pastor Carpenter has been chosen by God to make a difference in the lives of His people.

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