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Pastor Derrick S. Carpenter and Pastor Lauren Denise Carpenter, He and his lovely wife, are committed to the youth of this generation.  (click names for personal bio)  This husband and wife team have been married for 33 years and have 3 children; Jennifer, Derrick Jr., Jasmine, 5 precious grandchildren, and two wonderful son-n-laws who help their parents run the ministry with their musical gifts and talents.  The Carpenters are the founders of The Faith Church, Indy Youth Ministries Inc. and New Generation of Praise formerly known as The Jesus Gang.  They not only teach scripture to their Church and young people, "They Live By It."  This fired up anointed dynamic duo called God's Chosen Disciples for this generation have been on the battlefield saving, rescuing, restoring, training and encouraging young people for over 25 years as front line infantry soldiers.  Spiritual warfare is nothing strange to this well equipped couple that has literally snatched many young people right out of the pits of hell.  God has thrust the dynamic duo disciples into national ministry to reach youth across America.

In obedience to God's calling on their lives, the Carpenters's gather these young people like lambs.  They feed them the word of God, teach them to pray, provoke them to desire the presence of God, not stopping until they enter the Holy of Holies, all the while encouraging them to fight on through their trials, temptation and tribulations.  New Generation of Praise rehearsals are a complete package of discipline, training, and example of the Word of God in action. 


Pastor Denise was stricken with a serious disease that tried to take her life three times but this couple of faith put in action and stood on the Word of God-Psalm 118:17- "I shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord." The Carpenter's are stronger now in their faith than ever before. Ready to continue the vision God has given them to train hundreds and thousands of young people all over the world to worship and praise the Lord Jesus Christ. "Against All Odds".​

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